We believe in beautiful homes

“Building a home is a dream realised; every home should be personal.”

Noel Derbyshire
Director of Derbyshire


Derbyshire Homes is the realisation of a dream. As a young builder working out of the back of his old green Kombi, Noel Derbyshire could see his industry being filled with companies that simply reproduced more and more variants of the same house – as if each fell from a giant cookie-cutter. Few bothered to challenge the status quo or alter the norm.

It was this idea that drove Noel Derbyshire to break away from the volume building model that dominated the building industry in the late 1980s.

Sticking to his belief that building a home should be an exciting and personal journey and the finished product a symbol of pride, the Derbyshire team has grown from a one man band, to a high quality team designing and building homes from $300k to upwards of $3m.

Today the award winning team at Derbyshire is made up of experienced professionals; estimators, construction managers, supervisors and design consultants. The core values of quality, communication, pride and integrity still permeate throughout the business 25 years later.

The Derbyshire Difference

At Derbyshire we demand outstanding craftsmanship and quality. Our tradespeople and the project managers who supervise them, are experienced and dedicated to achieving perfection.

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