Bek Lennon

Office Manager


Bek’s Wisdom

Do what Pete says, because he is the boss.

Bek looks after the running of the office, including; marketing, payroll, accounts, job admin and the random projects Pete throws to (at) her.

Way back when, Bek worked in the corporate sector in senior marketing management roles before returning to study interior design and project management. More recently, Bek has gained extensive experience in the joinery industry and run her own children’s interiors business.

Utilising all facets of her vast experience and education Bek loves working with clients and the team to help make the design/build journey as wonderful as possible.

Inspired by sustainable design practices in the building industry, Bek would love to build a 10 star energy rated home one day. She also has a nerdy interest in sustainable food systems but that’s a story for another day.

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