Office Dog/Motivational Speaker


Franklin’s Wisdom

Food and tummy scratches are all that you need in life.

You could say I’ve lived a blessed life, my owners treat me well and while I don’t need to work for a living I do find myself frequenting the Derbyshire building regularly. I like to use my unique motivational skills to gee-up the team, this includes the odd bark when least expected and the very occasional lick of the face when I feel a colleague requires my version of a “pat on the back”.

I do enjoy the meet and greet with our clients, some of them slip me a little treat to nibble on under the table. I suspect Kate and Peter (my owners) haven’t caught on to this ruse yet, but it’ll only be a matter of time, they like me trim and muscular. What can I say, I am a fine specimen, this body takes work.

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