Peter Derbyshire

Managing Director


Pete’s Wisdom

Challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.

Peter Derbyshire is the Managing Director of the Derbyshire team. Growing up as a builders son meant he was immersed in new homes and renovations from a young age. He has a background business with several years spent working in Melbourne and London.

Peter is the first face you’ll see at Derbyshire as he looks after all project inquiries and runs our design process. He’ll ensure your journey gets off to a great start and has a people first approach to building.

Peter is a big advocate for mental health and founded a local charity, Healthy Minds Geelong, in 2017. Outside of running Derbyshire and HMG you’ll find him playing guitar, surfing down the beach or chasing after his baby girl Charli or one of his ten nieces and nephews. That or talking about the Doggies 2016 Premiership. Yes, still…

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