An open look into our design and build process

Designing and Building a new house

Before we start any projects with existing or potential clients, it is important to go through the objectives of the design and build. The end game of what our clients are hoping to achieve has a large influence on how we approach the project. We want our process to be as open and transparent as possible.

There are many different ways to go about designing and building a house. Over 35 years of building homes, we have developed a very open formula in which to communicate with our clients. We understand when we build a home we are building a vision, we don’t take this responsibility lightly.

One thing we have learnt through building homes is communication is king, we don’t build houses on assumptions. If we have any doubt we make sure we ask our client to make sure all doubt is removed from the equation.

For this reason of transparency, we decided we would put a lot of information on our website about our design and building process. We have dedicated a page each to these topics. For good reason it is this area of the design and build process which can save or cost you thousands of dollars. We are also aware for many people this process is a little mythical, they are not sure what is involved and how it all comes to be.

Well at Derbyshire Homes the mystical nature of design and build has been removed, now you will be able to read about every aspect of both processes.


The Design Process


Additional Design Services


The Building Process


Clients enjoy working with Derbyshire for many reasons, none more so than our easy to follow transparent design and planning stage.

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