While our concept package includes all you will need to help you build your dream home, in some instances it is important to take it a little further. Below are some optional design services you may be interested in.

3D Model Mock-Up

Fee: (Optional Extra)

Upon request we can provide a 3D model mock-up like the examples shown.

Building mock-ups made by hand is a skill which comes in very handy. We particularly like to use this method when unique block shapes make it difficult for 3D renders to show how steep a block is.

Photo realistic 3D Render

Fee: (Optional Extra)

Upon request we can provide photorealistic 3D render to help you see how your completed house will look.

Realistic 3D renders are a great way to see how your new home will look without actually building it. We can give you facade material options and show colour differences all through the computer.

Shoreline House 3D Render

Ord House 3D Render

Gallery of house renders (Interior and Exterior)

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