The value of design lives on for generations.

“At Derbyshire we think big but offer the flexibility of a small team, giving you all the individual attention you deserve.”

Noel Derbyshire
Director of Derbyshire


Architectural pleasures are often taken from the simplest of moments. Some of the most revered architecture celebrates the simple nuances of a home including its angles, layout and design in relation to its surrounding environment.

Designing architectural homes is a very rewarding profession, marrying a client’s needs and vision with our knowledge and creativity, is a process we love. At Derbyshire we know how subtle design features make a home unique.

Our years of experience working with architects, coupled with the craftsmanship of our trades, means our homes maintain a design performance for many years after they’re built.

What most people observe about an Architecturally designed house is the way it looks. While this is extremely important there is also a hidden element of architecture which is often overlooked. Home sustainability particularly with keeping the heating and cooling costs to a minimum.

A good architect will take into consideration your home orientation with relation to the sun path for both summer and winter. Doing this correctly can result in a house which doesn’t rely on needing a heater for winter and the air conditioning for summer. It is possible to have a home function with a controlled air temperature between 18 to 26 degrees, without the need of heaters and air conditioners all year round. The technology exists and we know how to use it.


It is not until you have lived in a Derbyshire home that you truly understand and value great design and functionality.

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