The building industry is renowned for schedule and budget blow-outs, it doesn’t need to be this way. Clients enjoy working with Derbyshire for many reasons, none more so than constant communication, updated project schedules and commitment to meeting the deadline.

Build Process in Detail

Upon signing of your contract, Derbyshire arranges all the necessary documentation and permits required to complete your build. Our experienced supervisors and construction managers review all aspects of the engineering and construction documentation, to ensure that any queries or adjustments are carried out before the construction begins.

Payment of a build contract is broken up into several different stage claims along the progress of the build. The standard stages are base, frame, lock-up, fix, and completion. As all of our builds are unique, additional stage claims for earthworks, roof/windows and plaster may be included to assist with cash flows of the project. A breakdown of the standard stage claims can be found below:

Payment Stages

Base: There are a few variations, but the majority of builds will be a concrete slab on ground, or timber on stumps. If we’re building your home with a concrete slab on ground, the base stage is classified as being complete when the concrete slab is poured. In the case of a timber floor, the base stage is classified as being complete when the stumps, piers or columns are complete.

Frame: The stage when a home’s frame is completed ready to progress to install roof and windows and reach lock-up.

Lock-up: Once the home’s external wall cladding and roof covering is installed, the flooring laid (if on stumps) and the external doors/windows installed (includes temporary doors/windows).

Fix: The stage when all the internal cladding, architraves, skirting, doors, built in shelves, joinery, cabinets or cupboards of a home are fitted and fixed in position. May or may not include basins, sinks, baths, bench-tops – depends on preservation requirements of items for handover.

Completion: The completion of building works according to the build contract. Decks, appliances, carpet and outstanding items from fix stage are installed at this stage.

The following are potential stage claims depending on the nature, size and scale of jobs:

Earthworks (optional): Sloping sites requiring excessive excavation, or retaining walls, can often lead to the introduction of an ‘earthworks’ stage being implemented into the contract.

Roof/windows (optional): For sites which include a higher than normal standard of windows, a roof and windows stage may be included. Generally speaking, a large amount of glass will require significant steel behind the scenes.

Plaster (optional): Depending on the size and scale of a job, we may include a plaster stage. This stage is reached once all required plumbing, electrical, heating/cooling is ‘roughed in’ and the plaster is hung.

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