How we create value in our homes

Simply, we aim to be the number one in providing our clients with value for money. Everything we do is geared towards achieving this.


We like to keep it real, be transparent with our pricing and keep it as simple as possible. In theory that sounds easy – but custom-built homes can be tricky if they’re not approached in the right way. Approach and intent is everything. At Derbyshire, we aim to provide our clients with the best value for money. And that matters.

So before starting any build journey, it’s very important for clients to educate themselves on what is costs to build a home and how they’re priced. Consider the following part of that education.

In simple terms, the price of a home is driven by the sum of;

  • the size of the home
  • quality of workmanship/materials of specs
  • margin to cover builders wages, overheads, warranties, profit

A good builder justifies this margin by value adding to each of the three cost drivers. At Derbyshire, we aim to provide our clients with the best value for money. But what does that actually mean?

We run lean

We don’t employ sales people, or spend money on expensive display homes. Each of our employees work hard for our clients, contributing to make every project better. Our systems and processes mean that we work efficiently and we make smart decisions – our showroom and office acts as our display to showcase the level of our build quality. This means our margins are low and the money you spend goes into your home.

Design process

Quality over quantity. Create spaces that emote you, that you’ll want to spend time in and avoid creating space that you’ll never use – theatre rooms are most often used to dry laundry. Do you need an extra bedroom, that will only get used once per year? Could it double as a study? Do you need a large laundry anymore? Will a European laundry suit?

Budget control

Our design process means you spend money exactly where you want to; be it a high end kitchen or outdoor entertaining area. Our design process gives you transparency of where you’re spending your money and options on how best to save. Our estimator is constantly looking to ways to help our clients save; be it researching new materials or fittings, offering alternative build products or tweaking designs to maximise build efficiency.  Maximising our client’s budget to meet and exceed their expectation is always our focus.

Supplier/trade agreements

Being an established builder for over 25 years, we have a number of longstanding agreements, which mean we get discounted rates from all of our key suppliers. We also have long standing relationships with excellent trades, giving us a high quality of work for reduced rates.

Experience counts

Being experienced builders we have developed a number of cost effective ways of building. We know what works, what doesn’t. The processes and systems we have in place ensure jobs run smoothly, efficiently with minimised risk of things going wrong. This means when we price a job, there’s no need for us to load the contract with contingencies. We’ll back ourselves to get it right – saving you money.

Price Guide

Architectural/Custom Homes

Build Rates

$2,691m² – $5,382m²

$25,000 – $50,000*

Architecturally designed or custom homes are typically priced within in these rates. They generally have a higher end specification and design elements that demand greater construction costs. Rates are based on living and garage spaces, however the rates will typically cover the cost of alfrescos/decks.

* Denotes rate per house square.

Typical Range

$750,000 – $1,900,000

The majority of  homes we build typically fall within this range.

The Derbyshire Difference

At Derbyshire we demand outstanding craftsmanship and quality. Our tradespeople and the project managers who supervise them, are experienced and dedicated to achieving perfection.

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