Our comprehensive design process engages local Architects to provide greater creative exploration. Derbyshire draws on over 25 years of award-winning building experience to enhance the design of each home – with live pricing through our estimator to ensure your project stays on budget. Culminating in an enjoyable journey from concept to handover.


Initial Stage

Consultation & Advice


Stage 1

Concepts and Design


Stage 2

Construction Documentation

Initial Stage.

Consultation & Advice

Fee: Complimentary

Developing a good relationship and clear communication is vital to successfully designing and building your home. Before we start any project it’s important to get to know one another, educate you on the process, get to know your land, go through the objectives of the build and discuss expectations around budget.

Educate | Education is key when it comes to creating an effective and enjoyable design and build journey. From design considerations like orientation, to product/build nuances and costs, a more informed client will always make better decisions. Our responsibility is to ensure you are as well equipped as can be to start your project.

Land | It’s important we speak to clients early in the project – we can help you buy the right block, with good aspects, workable slopes and solid soil. We discuss potential design options for your land as your block shape and size can have an impact on the type of house you want to build. If your block doesn’t match the style of house, we can let you know why and offer solutions.

Priorities | To fully understand all elements of the project which are important to you, we rst must get to know you, your in uences and what you want in your home. We discuss your functional areas, living zones and outdoor spaces.

Budget | If you have done your research, have a good idea of what you want, and have also decided on a budget, we can let you know at this early stage whether they will work together. If your dream home doesn’t match your budget, we’ll advise the best ways to maximise your budget and spend money on the right areas.

Stage 1.

Concepts and Design

Fee: $7,000 – $15,000*

A guide, depending on the choice of Architect/Designer, scope and nature of project. *Fee is deducted from build contract.

This is where your thoughts and vision come to fruition. Our design process looks like this:

Sketches | The first step of the conceptual development stage is to present initial floor plan sketches. Starting simply to ensure the floor-plan is right before we move forward. We’ll present several floor plans and walk you through the journey of why some options better than others, giving you full control over the direction of your build.

Elevations | The second step of the conceptual sketches includes elevation designs and reworking of initial sketches. Derbyshire will then present these sketches for discussion and approval.

Concept Package | The third step will include a 3D model of your home and a detailed document with information about your building envelope, location analysis, side, front and back elevation diagrams. Circulation diagrams which will include zoning, living, functional and private areas.

Price & Specifications | In addition to the concept package, we will provide you with a detailed specification and fully price the job. Our aim is to ensure you have all the information you need in order to move forward with Derbyshire.

Evolution of Stage 1

Our initial sketches start with a floor plan and then move to the house elevations. The gallery of images on the right shows a few examples of how these sketches look.

Floor Plan Sketches

Final Concept Models & 3Ds

After the initial sketches are approved, we put the design into the computer and work through the process more thoroughly. These images are examples of the type of designs and basic 3D renders we will supply within the Concept Design Documentation.

Stage 2.

Construction Documentation

& Engineering

Fee: $10,000-$20,000*

A guide, depending on choice of Architect/Designer, scope and nature of project. *Fee is deducted from build contract.

Stage 2 moves onto the preparation of your construction documentation and engineering – and also the fun stuff, interior design.

Interior Design | The first step is walk you through an exciting and detailed interior design process with the Architect.Your kitchen joinery, bathrooms, colours, products, materials and finishes are all up for discussion.

Construction Documents & Engineering | In the background, we’ll be working together with the architects and engineers to piece together the construction documentation required to obtain your build permits.

Quotation | We’ll present an interim quote, breaking out all the major cost drivers and areas that you’ll potentially want to make decisions on. Your outcome is our intent, if it takes 2-3 attempts we’ll work to ensure we get the finish you want for your budget.

Build Contract | Once the final tweaks are made, we’ll ensure all documents are ready to go, culminating in the preparation of your build contract, ready to apply for build permits.


Town Planning

Fee: TBA – as each project is unique, we price each job accordingly

To ensure that your project moves smoothly from initial concept to right through to the build. We are able to handle any planning application you may require, from sub-divisions to heritage.

Upon completion of Stage 1, we will assess whether your project requires approval through town planning. We have strong experience in this area and can ensure your project transitions as smoothly and as stress free as possible.

The vast majority of projects will not require planning approval, however if you have any queries please feel free to contact us.

* Indicative pricing that covers the vast majority of projects. Fees may alter depending on the scale of the project and/or nature of the site.

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