There is no such thing as a silly question.

“At Derbyshire we think big but offer the flexibility of a small team, giving you all the individual attention you deserve.”

Noel Derbyshire
Director of Derbyshire

Do you organise building permits and documentation as part of your process?

Yes, we handle all of this for our clients. From initial design, to construction documentation, engineering and finally build permits – we really are a one stop shop when it comes to your project.

Where do I start in the design and build process?

It all starts with a conversation – feel free to email or call us. We’re always talking to potential clients about their projects, land they’re looking at buying or giving advice on whether to renovate or knock down and rebuild.

How does the design and build process work?

To find out about how our design and build services work, jump over to the design and build page here.

How long does the design process take? How long does a house take to build?

Typically is takes 3-4 months to design, and around 9 months to build, however every home is different – a lot depends on the size and intricacy of the build.

How much will a house cost to build? Do you have a set square metre rate?

The cost to build will ultimately depend on the size of the home and the quality of materials used. As we custom build bespoke architectural designs, square metre rates usually fall between $15k to $25k per house square. For more details, see our page on the cost to build www.derbyshire.com.au/designing-and-building/cost-to-build/.

How long has Derbyshire Homes been around?

Derbyshire has been building since 1990. With combined experience in excess of 125 years amongst our small team, we truly are the experts in the industry.

Can you build a house designed by another architect?

Yes we can certainly work with plans designed by another architect. We quite often build houses which have been designed by someone other than ourselves.

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