A luxury you can see, touch and enjoy.

Logic will take you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.

Albert Einstein


When people choose Derbyshire to build their homes, they do so for our knowledge and expertise. Our team understand better than anyone the needs of a luxury homeowner.

Our network of architects and interior designers, collaborate to work closely with you and ensure that your dream home becomes a reality, no matter what you have in mind.

While the term luxury means different things to different people, it is not denied that a luxury home is a home you love to live in. Your home should be a place of comfort, a place for you to relax and to make memories.

If luxury means you have a pool, we have the knowledge to design a house that fits this need beautifully. If having a butler kitchen, or a walk-in robe you’ve always dreamed of is your idea of luxury, then we have the knowledge to make it happen.


It is not until you have lived in a Derbyshire home that you truly understand the important of knowledge and passion.

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