The importance of natural light

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Incorporating natural light in the design of a new home is a smart and often welcoming feature. At Derbyshire we are seeing a growing trend among people building new homes to request modern designs that complement the surrounding environment.

Whether you’re building for a growing family, a boutique holiday coastal retreat to escape inner city living, or simply upgrading from your current property, a well thought out design will help realise your dreams. To do this well, home owners need to establish trust and a strong partnership with their builder.

An experienced builder can advise the best way to incorporate sustainable elements like positioning the property to maximise the amount of natural light, or installing thickened insulation to warm and cool the home more efficiently. The team at Derbyshire work hard to understand our clients’ expectations from the outset.

We listen, discuss possible design features that may have previously been overlooked and provide a range recommendations to improve your build.

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